Updated on the 20-04-2018

Product Lines


The AFTERMARKET Division is entirely dedicated to “after-sales” activity.

Spare parts Function

Site de Villieu (France -01)
Site of Villieu (France -01)
This function centralises and distributes all spare parts that the Group supplies to our car manufacturer customers (4000 references being run, 1800 different references delivered every month…).

Objective No.1: 100% SERVICE RATE.

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Distribution Function

Stocks SEIM
The SEIM brand sells products found in wholesalers and large sales networks open to the “general public”.

It currently manages more than 2500 references for cables (brake cables, clutch, accelerator, and speedometer cables), parts for washer systems (pipes, jets, pumps…) and electrical parts (elements, switches, contacts, thermostats…), which are sold to1200 customers (small and large independent distributors, platforms) in some 15 countries.

>> Visit the SEIM site : www.seim.fr