Updated on the 20-04-2018

Product Lines

Research & Development

5% of Turnover dedicated to Research and Development

Research Centre at Monteux
Research Centre
at Monteux
  • An average of 34 patents filed every year over the last 10 years

  • International project teams in each division and production teams localisedat the site of manufacture

  • World class methods of Communication technology, laboratories, trials, validation, and mock-ups
  • Be innovative in order to reduce costs and meet new demands in the market

    Innovation Boite froide
    The search for quality, reliability, and competitiveness in responding to the demands of the market form the basis for innovation at MGI COUTIER. In essence, innovation is based solely around 2 objectives: to fulfil the same function at the lowest cost or meet environmental, weight reduction and safety requirements with controlled costs.

    To do this, we concentrate our efforts on the design of the product, the choice of materials, manufacturing processes, whilst taking a very structured approach with :
    - a hierarchisation of innovations through a matrix,
    - the use of problem solving methods, such as TRIZ,
    - a method for assessing the maturity of innovations.

    Latest innovations

    Last years have therefore witnessed the start of production of patented innovations liked for example, :

  • RESOAX, compact designed outlet turbo resonator.

  • TUNEJET, nozzle with water consumption reduction.

  • SYSEO BIS a compact system (integrated in to the cam cover) to decant oil and increase performance (ensures oil is returned to the engine),

  • a connector for fuel circuits, the ease of connection (assembly/ disassembly) and the durability of the joints being the principle assets.

  • Resoax