Updated on the 20-04-2018

The Group

QSEE Policy

Quality - Security - Environment - Energy

Customer satisfaction remains our utmost concern

The Quality of our products and services and the Safety compliance in our plants are our top priorities along with earning the full trust and confidence of our customers. Our 2S2D (Simple, Solid, Dependable, Doable) operating approach enables us to withstand the rigorous standards governing our trade, but also to tend to our customers’ requirements in terms of fair employment practices and environmental protection.

MGI COUTIER’s management policy on QSEE organizes and formalizes the activities of the Group under a system compliant with the applicable international standards. This policy is rooted in the strategic vision of the company. Accordingly, we establish a set of objectives and apply a structured review process to monitor their achievement. We permanently assess our QSEE performance and relentlessly pursue its continuous improvement.

In full commitment with this policy, ach individual within the Group must take a responsible attitude with respect to quality, safety, environmental awareness and energy resources.