Updated on the 20-04-2018

The Group


  1972    Formation of COUTIER SA, specialised in the production of plastic parts.

  1989    COUTIER SA takes over MGI : MGI COUTIER is formed.

  1991 > 1994    Start of international expansion in Spain, Turkey, and then in China.

  1994    Floated on the French Stock Exchange (Paris- Eurolist).

  1994 > 1998    Pursuit of International growth (Tunisia, Argentina, and Brazil) and trengthening of activity in France (through acquisitions and internal growth).

  2000    With the arrival of the new millennium, MGI COUTIER equips itself with management tool SAP to enable better control over its 12 French sitesas well as its 9 subsidiaries based around the world, and to deliver the best level of service to customers.

  2004    The group is established in India and Iran.

  2005    Production area is doubled - in Turkey (new site) and in Brazil(extension)

  2006    Development in Eastern Europe following the creation of a site in Romania.

  2008    Start of partnerships with the two south korean companies SHA and SPL.

  2011    Strengthening of the tooling control with the buying-out of the mould manufacturer DEPLANCHE and major external growth operation due to the acquisition of the automotive equipment manufacturer AVON AUTOMOTIVE in the United-States

  2014    Acquisition of the Swedish equipment manufacturer Autotube AB.

  2016    The group improves itself with a new organisational structure based on the creation of Product Lines Departments dedicaded to Product Lines and Operationnal Departments managing the plants of the Group.