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Message from the President of the Board

Extract from the 2015 Annual Report

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to start this message by thanking MGI COUTIER’s shareholders for the trust they granted to me, admitting my pride to manage the Group today and the whole of its team with which I grew up and to which I am deeply committed.

With the new Direction team, we will proceed with the adventure initiated in 1972 by André, Joseph and Roger COUTIER, maintaining the course and pursuing the Group development.

MGI COUTIER has an aspiration to become a worldwide supplier of topnotch, profitable, independent, reputable and appreciated manufacturer. We will work then on meeting the clients’ requirements with the expected level of service and the good products.

The conquest of a strong worldwide presence will be met through greater dynamics in Asia, the holding of market shares in new Product Lines in America, even a broader positioning on the African continent.

To meet this end, we can count on as 2015 as one historic year for the Group in terms of the turnover and the operational profitability. This performance was secured thanks to strong market activity, well-distributed growth and an enhancement in nearly all the Divisions. The growth encompassed almost all Products Lines, clients and continents, with Asia and North America at the forefront. The SCR activity exceeded our expectations with a turnover of almost 100 million Euros during the period, despite the disturbance in the the market of diesel engines.

The speed of the Group globalization, the strong growth of turnover and the continuation of the integration of AVON AUTOMOTIVE and AUTOTUBE AB led the team management to ponder over its organization. Will it always allow us to highlight the future challenges, to satisfy the customers expectations and to effectively manage the teams and to ensure the profitability on the long run? The analysis raised some weak points which need to be rectified, while being careful not to jeopardize what worked. A new organization organized by production Sites, Products Lines and regions is gradually being developed in order to be fully operational by the end of 2016.

In the end, the solid dynamics of our clients and our teams’ investment for the operational performance allow us to be confident that we will exceed the 900 million Euros of turnover in 2016, before reaching the one billion level in turnover in 2018.

Matthieu COUTIER
President of the Executive Board

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