Updated on the 20-04-2018



We source products and services that appeal to a variety of different domains.
In order to help you understand our needs and aid communication, below is our segmentation of procurement groups.

Materials and sub-contracting of plastic

1MA: Branding
2AD: Additives
1BU: Stops
1ET: Leak test
1FT: Filtration
1L1: Liaison
1L3: Liaison
2MC: Coal
2MP: Polyolefins
2MS: Styrenics
2MT: Technical materials
2PF: Filtration paper
2PU: Polyurethane
4DE: Finishing sub-contracting
4S5: Plastic injection sub-contracting
4S6: Plastic blow moulding sub-contracting
4S7: Assembly sub-contracting
4S8: Sub-contracting (VGO)


211T: Transport
1AC: Actuator
1AM: Absorber/ Damping
1CE: Basic Electric Components
1FE: Electrical Function
1FO: Forging
1FX: Setting
1GA: Trimming
1L2: Liaison
1L4: Fluid state to Metal state transfer
1RC: Regulation
2FO: Foundary
2MM: Metal materials
3EM: Packaging
4DD: Distribution
4S3: Metal sub-contracting
4TT: Surface Finish sub-contracting
5PM: Metallic part prototypes

Industrial tools and equipment

5IS: Injection equipment
5SS: Blow Moulding equipment
5MA: Anciliary tools for plastic assembly
6DS: Equipment for cutting-stamping
MM: Anciliary tools for metal assembly

Capital investment

9I1: Construction/ works
9I3: Production material
9I4: IT equipment
9I5: Office Equipment
9I6: Office furniture and telecoms


7FA: Industrial supplies
7FI: Office and IT supplies
8FO: Training
8SE: Intellectual sub-contracting
8ST: Sub-contracting for trials and measurements
10M: Maintenance
11T: Logistics transport